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We continue with Tuesday & Friday deliveries to local stores & restaurants…and we are always up for special orders ~ local or out of state.

We love to get feedback on our breads…so if you have enjoyed our bread please write and tell us about it. We will then add it to our “What our Fans Say…:

Bread Production

Baking in a wood fired brick oven Produces a loaf of bread with a substantial crust and a moist crumb…quite superior to a processed pan baked bread. The all around heat and moisture is the key.

You can find our bread at local markets and restaurants. We are now taking internet orders ~ a bread basket for the Holidays or any special occasion is a gift from the heart.

Bread Quote:

"Bread deals with living things, with giving life, with growth, with the seed, the grain that nurtures. It's not coincidence that we say bread is the staff of life".

Lionel Poilâne, French baker (1945-2002)


What our fans say...

*Applegate Valley Artisan Breads : Thank you for sending me the bread, which we are enjoying. Tried the garlic/cheddar at lunch and enjoyed it very much. The sunflower flax seeds are so delicious…. ~ till next time, thank you, and have a sunshine day!
Geraldine, Wonder Lake Illinois

I am so glad I discovered Applegate Valley Artisan Breads . Twice in the last 2 years the bakeries I used on the east coast stopped making the bread I wanted. Dennis and Pat send my order across country and it arrives in perfect condition. I use one loaf and freeze the others. I know good bread! Their bread is delicious, especially toasted and buttered and with my organic eggs and fresh brewed tea. I am serious about my breakfast. It must be tasty and above all nutritious. Their breads are just that. Thank You Dennis and Pat
Les Bellafiore Glen Head N.Y.

*The Bread is Wonderful. Thank you so much!
Robin ~ Thousand Oaks, Ca.

*Thank You for sending the bread! We’re already through 3 loaves with rave reviews. Need you a bid closer to Portland ~_~!
Janet ~ Portland, Or.

*Just had to thank you for the Cranberry Walnut bread….Mmmmm – Good!
Don ~ Bakersfield, Ca.

I have been a fan of your bread for many years but since I moved to Hawaii I have not had any and that is so sad, 4 years now. Online Christmas shopping lead me to your site and I am ecstatic to find it. My favorite is the blue cheese walnut bread that I first tried at the Rogue Creamery, and subsequently bought many loaves. My big question is do you ship to Hawaii? I sure hope so Aloha Karen Evans
*Yes Karen, we can ship our bread to Hawaii… We do our mailings on Tuesdays…let us know what you want, and if we can be of any further help…
* Thank you so much for writing back, you guys are awesome, what customer service and I haven't even bought anything yet.

When my husband and I travel to Oregon, we always make sure to come home with a number of loaves of Applegate Valley Artisan Bread. We usually munch some on the trip home to the San Francisco Bay Area, and once we get home, pop the rest into the freezer. Because these loaves are so hearty, I thaw them completely before refreshing in the oven. I mist them generously and place them right on the oven rack for five minutes at 350*. They come out hot and crisp and fragrant, just like fresh baked!
What we don't finish at dinner gets used the next day. We like the Sunflower Flax bread toasted for breakfast and smeared with peanut butter; the Country French and Blue Cheese Walnut are wonderful in French toast; and we love the Olive Bread cubed and sauteed with herbs in olive oil for croutons!
Dennis and Pat Larson's bread is the BEST!

Kathy - Petaluma, California

What immediately impressed me about Applegate Valley Artisan Breads is their attention to even the smallest details. The wood used to fire their ovens is always hardwood that is properly seasoned to provide plenty of heat for the oven without excessive smoke or soot residue. The oven hearth was always well cleaned before the hand-tossed loaves were slid onto the oven floor where the stored heat from the oven ceiling, walls, and hearth floor quickly transformed the naturally-leavened grains into warm, moist, crusty works of edible art. I love the variety that comes from their willingness to try new ideas and the results, like their Blue cheese walnut, sunflower, Kalamata olive, and other unique loaves have been perfected so that they are consistently excellent. Bread truly is the staff of life and I could exist almost solely on Dennis and Pat’s Applegate Valley Artisan breads (maybe with just a little wine and perhaps a bit of cheese).

Bill - Asheville, North Carolina

Applegate Valley Artisan breads - Thanks for the bread (Sunflower Flax, Olive, Country French) Yum!

Paul & Jill - Coos Bay, Oregon

Thank you for sending the bread to us. We look forward to being your customer for a long time!

Dennis & Diane - Redding, California


Thank you for sending my bread order in such a timely manner. It is just as wonderful as I remember!

Dayle - Reno, Nevada


I wanted to tell you how wonderful your Country French Bread is. I found it at Market of Choice (now Rays). I've tried a lot of breads and this one is one of the best. Thank you for its simplicity and goodness. Keep up the good work!

Mary & family -Grants Pass,Or.


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